Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fried Things

Whenever I get the urge to deep fry something, I usually go on a streak of deep frying things over the next couple days before getting rid of the oil...it'd be a waste not to right?
First was the fried chicken sandwich from Bakesale Betty's, but instead of buttermilk breading which takes time, I just panko crusted it. This was mainly an excuse to make the slaw that they put on the sandwich. It's almost as good when you make it at home. I used cilantro instead of parsley.

After a partial oil refresh and filtering, I decided to try out munchkin-like doughnut holes from a Korean mix.

They were so chewy that I decided to cover them in chocolate in order to hide the fact that they didn't work.

Finally, with all that leftover slaw that I had, I decided that I needed something fried to eat along with it, so I made wings. They were lightly dusted with potato starch before being blanched, dried, then fried again. The sauce was butter, soy, ginger, sriracha and chili-garlic sauce with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

That'll be it for home-fried foods for a long time. Once I get it out of my system and my apartment smells like deep-friedness I won't fry anything for a while. Especially with our cardio module coming up, although you think I would've learned after our Nutrition module. Then again, those two weeks were complete bullshit.

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anne said...

maybe the donuts were chewy because of the incredibly vague measurements that come with the "instructions" - like, how much water exactly is in a "paper cup"???