Saturday, January 10, 2009

Failures...Tasty Failures

In an issue of Men's Health awhile back, Eric Ripert talked about Egg and Soldiers being a pretty healthy late-night post-drinking food. That's where you soft boil eggs then dunk sticks of toast into them. But what if you don't want your late night drunk food to be healthy? What if, like me, your after-party routine is usually Steak n' Shake? I remember my sister telling me about a cleverly named "Fried Egg" at SPQR. It was a soft boiled egg that was then breaded and deep fried. I tried to replicate it.

First I boil-simmered eggs (four minutes) and then dunked them in ice water. Peeled, floured, dipped in egg (eggs dipped in egg...that one was new), and panko breaded, followed by a quick fry. They ended up looking nice enough:

I then cut them open to find out if it worked!

They ended up being medium-boiled eggs. I doubt if the super-quick fry was enough to harden the yolk that much (especially since I had cooled them down), so they must've become medium-boiled in the actual boiling phase. The whites were plenty firm to peel without any trouble, so next time it'll be all about getting the perfect soft-boiled time right. Still, I put them on toast and topped with another failure:

I tried to replicate Papalote's delicious salsa, but it really needs to be made with a powerful blender (I wonder if a stick blender would work?), because my food processor left sand-sized flecks of pepitas. I knew I should've gotten that 1000-watt blender on woot when I had the chance.

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