Saturday, August 02, 2008

A few Atlanta eats

So I've moved to Atlanta for medical school. Just like I had a "First Post From New Apartment" when I moved into my Amherst place, I figured I should post something or other from my new residence. I am excited that I now have a gas stove to play around with, and have ordered a round-bottom wok/ring off of amazon. There's also a Whole Foods right next to my complex that I can walk to. Unfortunately, it isn't that large so it's missing things like bulk spices, has a limited selection of bulk grains and staples, and doesn't even have puffed kamut cereal, which means it's difficult to make the granola on my sister's blog. They were running a special on bone-in pork chops however, so I made this:

Brined pork chops with mushroom risotto and grilled zucchini. I installed some ceiling light fixtures from IKEA that can accommodate compact fluorescent bulbs, but food looks disgusting under them. Oh well.
Atlanta is home of The Varsity, which has curbside service.

It doesn't feel that cool in a Honda Civic coupe...the car just feels kinda cramped and it gets really hot, but if I had my dad's old Chevy Nova I'm sure it'd be super badass. They're famous for chili dogs (apparently they serve over two miles of hot dogs each day) and the chili slaw dog was freaking delicious.

Onion rings are good, but fries are so-so. As great as it is that places like In-N-Out and The Varsity freshly cut their potatoes...this usually means that they aren't fried twice and end up being a bit soggy.
On the drive down here, somewhere at a gas station in South Carolina, I had a fried chicken biscuit, which was the most delicious food item I've ever gotten from a gas station.

I'm sure there'll be more stuff to write about...either that or med school will occupy my entire existence and I'll never post on this thing again.

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anne said...

yeah, i'm debating driving up to SC for another chicken biscuit when I come visit you in october. Heh heh. Well, I'll just be happy if we finally make it to chik fil'a. I can't believe I didn't go at all when we helped move you in!