Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hint of lime tortilla chips

A few friends and I were staying at a beach house in Florida. When we went to go food shopping and got to tortilla chips a mini-debate broke out:

"Should we get regular chips or...*suggestively*hint of lime?"
"Just get regular...more versatile...less covered in powder."
"I would snort that powder."

We ended up getting hint of lime, and sure they're tasty, but my big problem with them is that nowhere in nature does a superfine lime powder exist. Sure you can buy dehydrated lime juice, but the real reason hint of lime achieves such tastiness is (admittedly delicious) monosodium glutamate. It's probably why I get a mild headache shortly after eating them (my monosodium glutamate tolerance varies, correlating with how much instant ramen I'm eating at that point in my life). In order to save my poor addicted friends, I set out to make my own lime-kissed tortilla chips.

I stacked and cut a mix of blue and yellow corn tortillas into wedges (if you want to be thorough, cut the tips off the wedges...I almost stabbed myself many times with these incredibly sharp points).

I then tossed them in a mix of sea salt, lime juice, and just a tiny bit of agave nectar, then put them out on racks to let them dry:

It'll take a couple hours at most, and if you don't have enough racks, which i don't, shift 'em around a bit so the ones on the bottom get dry too.

After that it was a simple deep fry job. I gave them a little insurance zesting with lime, and a sprinkle of sea salt. They end up being quite subtle, not really producing that all out sour kick you get from the powder, but I think they turned out pretty well. Maybe I'll splash a bit of tequila into the lime juice mixture next time, just to see what happens. Or maybe the harder sour kick can be achieved by supplementing the lime juice with maybe one lemon or so. I thought about putting zest into the lime juice mixture before tossing, but figured it would probably just burn on frying.

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