Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Hamptons Dinner

Okay so Hampton Terrace isn't really the Hamptons, but the houses are still nice, and since some of my favorite people in the world have moved there, I threw them a little housewarming dinner.

The antipasto was Carciofi in Gratella

Grilled artichokes splashed with a bit of balsamic.

Then two types of grilled pizzas, one for each side of their house:

Guys' side: Pizza Due
White pie with ricotta and fior di latte, chicken sausage, roasted garlic, and broccoli di ciccio.

Gals' side: Pizza Quattro
Handmade tomato sauce, fior di latte, bresaola, arugula (does anyone else think calling it rocket is inherently more pretentious? At least in America I think it is...when restaurants have "rocket" on the menu it's just kinda like, "okay stop trying to be British just so you can drive up your price." In fact, I think there should be a rule that if a restaurant in America calls it "rocket," then you shouldn't have to tip...if they think they're British, then I'm just going to assume that service charge is included), lemon juice, olive oil.

Dolce was Gelato alla vaniglia con olio e sale

Shamelessly ripped off from Pizzeria Picco, who probably ripped it off of some Italian dude/dudette. Vanilla gelato with olive oil and sea salt.

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anne said...

did you make the gelato? how was it compared to the soft serve?