Saturday, March 28, 2009

Date Auction

I was auctioned off to raise money for a group that's going to go on a surgical trip to Haiti (check out The Emory Medishare Site for more info). For my date, I decided to cook a meal based on the winner's favorite movies. In the end, two ladies pooled their money to buy me, and they came up with 5 different movies.

West Side Story:

Puerto Rico Roll (like a california roll, but made with fried plantain, avocado, shredded chicken, and sofrito-seasoned sushi rice)

Pretty Woman:

Terribly blurry picture...sorry.

Pasta alla Bella Donna (like pasta puttanesca, but fancier. Green peppercorns and capers, manzanilla olives, oven-dried heirloom tomatoes)

Monsoon Wedding:

Tandoori game hen with aloo gobhi mash. (no picture of this one)


Another crappy picture...this one cuz i had to use flash to offset the "mood lighting."

Risotto al cioccolato, Dark chocolate orange and ginger creme brulee, and Safron-infused coconut milk and white chocolate ice cream.

I think they enjoyed the meal, though one of them was crying at the end...I'm hoping it wasn't because the food was so bad and more because the ending to "West Side Story" is kind of a downer.

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