Thursday, August 03, 2006

The benefits of living alone

Rice krispies treats anytime.
The fluffernutter sandwich seems to be the official food of Massachusetts, so marshmallow creme is available everywhere. So why not have rice krispies treats all the time?
Other things in my fridge/pantry that wouldn't normally be at home:
Ice cream
Carbs...delicious carbs

I also got some new kitchen toys including a microplane, a mini food processor, a probe thermometer, a propane torch (on sale at ACE hardware), and a 12" cast iron pan, which I'm not sure why we don't have at home, because it was only 15 bucks on


starchmouse said...

gotta love that amazon prime, eh? i ended up buying a probe thermometer and the same orange scale you got...

Paul said...

Please cook for me when I come visit Amherst at the end of August/beginning of Sept.

You want anything from korea??