Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Eat it Sis!

My darling sister has posted on her blog something entitled "Snack Foods That Will Be the Death of Me #1." Haha. I pity your meager attempt to kill yourself with circus animals, but you have a long way to go. Tonight in Valentine (my dining hall), Chicken Kiev was on the menu. In order to enjoy all the unhealthiness, without that filling breaded chicken part, I did the brilliantly unthinkable. I turned my Chicken Kiev into a juice box.

Go ahead Jungjoo, I dare you to find a better way to get a shot of garlicky saturated fat goodness.

Oh wait, this wasn't a contest?

Nothing food-related can gross me out unless it had to do with my case of food poisoning in Korea. Absolutely nothing. This came close. To see what happened when I accidentally got a bit of the butter in my mouth, click here.

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starchmouse said...

i thought that perhaps nothing could top that, but that's because i don't have cable and haven't been watching paula's home cooking.
well, we just got cable yesterday, and i just watched her garnish a cream-based bacon soup with mayonnaise.