Sunday, April 11, 2010

Should I be more specific?

Perhaps the title of my blog should be:

I Like Fried Food, I Don't Like not YOU dear loyal blog reader. I'm talking about YOU, idiot who has arrived here via a google search for "food I don't like"

That one might be a bit wordy.

I've been eating an awful lot of fried food lately though. Most days I've been managing a Fiber One Bar (or a banh mi if I'm lucky) in the car between clinics for lunch. Haven't been able to do much cooking at night either. Pasta and rice/kimchi have been my dinner staples lately. Somehow I've managed to drop five pounds since rotations started. Though I should view this as the dropping off some unnecessary poundage accumulated during boards study time, I've actually more seen this as license to eat terribly on the weekends. WHOO! Let's round it up:

I had an afternoon at Grady Eye Clinic. I went down the street to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market for a quick lunch. After I ordered the porkchop sandwich, I was wondering why it was taking so long. I was thinking "Hurry up guys...I need to be at clinic by 1, so that they can tell me they don't actually get started until 1:45 and to just hang out and be lazy until then." Turns out it took a long time because...

It was fried! Whooooo! Not much more to say. It was a deep fried porkchop on some bread with lettuce and tomato. I think there was mayo involved too.

I needed a snack on the weekend. Might as well make one:

And if I'm going to make one, it might as well be fried. Fried meatballs. Yup. This one's also self-explanatory.

Okay so not everything I've been making lately has been fried, just in case you were worried about my health.

Take this Nutella ice cream I made. Polish Nutella is better for you than American Nutella, which is why it's totally okay for me to mix it with heavy cream and egg yolks to make ice cream, then top it with more Nutella. It's good for you!

The weather has gotten beautiful in Atlanta. It's no longer raining and cold every day. It's sunny and pollen-y now. Fantastic day to head over to Hampton House and cook up fried chicken.

Made two kinds...Southern style and Korean style. Also sauteed some collard greens. Geoff made potato salad, Dan made guac that you can't see because it's already gone.

Korean style on left...brined the chicken, coated in coconut milk and a special spice/flour blend, and fried TWICE (bonus!) before being coated in a spicy sweet sauce of my own design. Southern style on the right was brined a la Thomas Keller, with some added pickling spice a la Chick-Fil-A. Buttermilk and flour/matzo meal a la Blue Ribbon. It's the bastard child recipe of a bunch of non-Southerners (with the exception of Chick-Fil-A), but I made it here in the South so it counts. I think the Korean style went over better though. Koreans and Southerners are crazy about their fried chicken for good reason.

Erin made dessert:

Perfect strawberry shortcake and vanilla ice cream. Perfect way to end the meal.

Tomorrow I start peds in the afternoons out in Suwanee. It's about an hour away from my apartment without traffic...which means it'll be about three hours realistically. This all means I might be having dinner in the car as well. At this rate I might lose even more weight, which means MORE FRIED FOOD ON THE WEEKENDS! WHOO! Stay tuned.

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