Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pop quiz

Is anything not enhanced by the addition of a fried egg?
Hint: If you had to think about it, you're wrong.
Fried eggs on pizza? Delicious. Fried eggs on chocolate cake? Rich and creamy!
In fact...fry up an egg right now. Then eat some of it. Then fry up another egg and put it on top of your other fried egg. Better right?

Fried eggs make everything better. Just ask The Vortex what makes the Double Coronary Bypass Burger is so good (and trust is). Is it the grilled cheese sandwich buns? The five slices of bacon? Well...yes those definitely help. But the two fried eggs certainly heighten the deliciously artery clogging experience.

This is probably why chilaquiles are most delicious in their breakfasty fried egg form. For the Mexican potluck I mentioned in the last post I also made some of this:

If you want to make some salsa verde yourself, just get a bunch of green things, chop 'em up and mix them together. In this case:

Tomatillos (roasted)
Green tomato (because there weren't that many good tomatillos at the market...also roasted).

Poblanos ( that gas stove)

Lime Juice
Garlic (not all that green, but let it in anyway)

When it's done, have a really fun Mexican potluck of some sort. Drink heavily.
The next morning, cut up some (preferably stale) corn tortillas into strips or wedges. Fry them in a little bit of oil then dump in a good amount of salsa and simmer (this really could be any type of salsa).
Experienced Tip: DO NOT USE TORTILLA CHIPS, even if you're at a lake house and the night before, all the real tortillas were used up making drunk food quesadillas. You'll end up with a thick salsa corn paste, but not chilaquiles.
After simmering for a bit, they'll be good as is. Put a little bit of queso fresco (or cotija because I had that in my fridge already) on top and you're good to go. Onions are good, sour cream, chicken, anything you can think of. But I guarantee you it will be even better if you put any type of fried egg on top. Scrambled works, sunny side up if you like to live on the edge, I used over-easy.

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