Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The chicken...round one

So where did we leave off? That's right, I made a pickle brine, threw some chicken in it, then fried it.
The chicken itself was too briny. There was a lot of flavor, and it was moist and all that, but it was like eating a pickle...a chicken textured pickle. My next brine will omit the vinegar and use less pickling spice. I'll also probably brine it for less time.

As for which crust I'm going to go with, I tried a few different things out.

Seasoned cornmeal:

Though it doesn't look pretty, it's tasty, but can border on a bit dry. This is definitely something I'm gonna have to follow up on.

Seasoned 00 flour:

00 flour is so fine it's almost like making a corn starch batter. This was light and crisp, but maybe a bit weak for a chicken biscuit.


Stay away from this. The extra juiciness afforded by the brine generates massive amounts of pickle flavored steam which turns the initially crisp batter soggy in a matter of minutes. My guess is that Chick-fil-a uses an egg dip then flour, so it's a bit drier and thinner than a batter, but also they fry their stuff in a pressure cooker, which I don't own.

For my next brine, I'll be replacing the vinegar with the liquid that flows through the veins of Atlanta...good ol' Coca-Cola. Also I'll be testing out the flour-egg-flour dip method for frying, as well as a combination brine-buttermilk-flour/cornmeal crust method.

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