Sunday, April 01, 2007


I went to visit my girlfriend who's studying abroad in London. We went into Borough Market on her birthday. This place is incredible, and I can't wait to go back.
We started at Neal's Yard Dairy where we bought some Irish Cooleeney. It's a soft cheese made from unpasteurised cow's milk (delicious unpasteurised cow's milk).

It's pretty much a cheese paradise.

Right next door is Monmouth Coffee.

In the greenmarket area is the famous Raclette guy. Cheese bubbles under a heating element and is scraped off onto potatoes and gherkins. It's delicious and greasy.

The toasted cheese sandwich is also available here. It's the grilled cheese sandwich that every other grilled cheese sandwich wants to be.

We also ate a venison sausage sandwich with grilled onions and lettuce (we chose the cranberry and bitter orange sauces...with a bit of tabasco for good measure).

Since everything costs double in the pound-dollar conversion, I did some cooking to save some money. This dish was inspired by something I ate in Bordeaux. It was a shrimp salad in an avocado half over salad. I used chicken instead, and mixed mayonnaise, ketchup, fresh chilis, garlic, and lemon juice and stuffed an avocado. This was put over an arugula salad drizzled with olive oil, lemon juice, and balsamic vinegar.

Whew...I underestimated how spicy the chilis would be. Who knew British people can handle spicy peppers?

The next day (after a visit to Waitrose), I made a spinach and smoked English cheddar omelette with jalapeno home fries.

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