Thursday, January 11, 2007

First meal in New York

So I'm here in New York staying at the Westin Times Square for the Chamber Music America conference. Though Times Square itself is a wasteland in terms of food (unless you count the fanciest McDonald's on the planet as noteworthy), I popped up to Columbus Circle to check out the Time Warner center. I popped up to the fourth floor to marvel at the Per Se menu and to stare at the doorway to Masa. To console myself for not having the $300+ necessary to eat at either of these places, I went downstairs to Bakery Bouchon. Though pricey, the food is good (not to mention my department is picking up the tab).

I had a roast beef sandwich, and although the beef itself was not the best I've had, the palladin bread it came on was pretty damn tasty, as were the garlic aioli and carmelized onions. It also had fontina cheese, and arugula, and came with two cornichons.

Then there was the macaron.
There was a trio of special winter macarons, and I had a hard time deciding between blood orange and chestnut. I ended up choosing blood orange. Good lord it was fantastic. Crisp outside, chewy, dense, almondy on the inside, with a delicious blood orange jelly/marmalade in between the cookies.

The latte was nothing spectacular.

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