Monday, October 24, 2005

Distributing smallpox infested blankets to natives...followed by tea

Amherst College and the town of Amherst is named after Lord Jeffrey Amherst, commander of the British forces during the French and Indian wars, pioneer of germ warfare, and securer of Canada for England. Although the college has long since put away the china depicting mounted Englishmen chasing Natives, and has substituted smallpox infested blankets with cod nuggets in Valentine to make people sick, the British tradition of tea time lives on right here in the first floor suite of Jenkins dormitory. Thanks to my suitemate Katie spending her summer in London, and the fact that all of us are terrible snobs (and face it...if you're reading this shit, so are you) we have a fine assortment of teas to enjoy each day. Today was Twining's reserve afternoon tea, which is described as a traditional tasting tea ("traditional" of course joining "umami" as one of the lesser known taste receptors in the tongue). I decided to make a special plate of snacks today, for no other reason than the fact that I went to Trader Joe's yesterday.
Clockwise from the "top" of the plate: Pumpernickel cocktail square with manchego cheese and pumpkin butter, Grilled brie finger sandiwch, Rice cracker with roasted red pepper tapenade, almond biscotti, macadamia lacey.
Notice the extra fancy, scallop shell design plate, made of what the French call papier.

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